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Another day… dancing with SSA

What fascinates me the most is all that passion mixed with struggle, looking for perfection. The slow process of learning to move the body in a way that can finally inspire dancing emotions.
(photos taken during rehearsal at Stinson Stage Academy – London)


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Surreal Sicily


A little odd photo series about details of the wonderful land of Sicily (Italy) 2013

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Chantry Dance – ‘ad fidem’


Chantry Dance – ‘ad fidem’ R&D show

Here some photos of the Chantry Dance Company during the rehearsal and show of  ‘ad fidem’ from ‘Out of Bounds’, choreographed by Paul Chantry


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MannFriday – New Album

The new album from Mannfriday is out! click on the image to listen to some music and, if you like what you hear, buy the album! 🙂

it will feature several photographs of mine as I had the pleasure to spend a day with them during the recording of the album in London.

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St Paul at Night


St Paul – London

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The White Man in wondering land

Do you feel observed?

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Late Sunday Street Session

Those three pictures are a clear example that when you don’t have a plan and you don’t focus in anything in specific, you get really weird results and absolutely non consistent between each other. I might think about giving myself a purpose next time. A sort of guideline to follow and focus on that, I’d be curious to see if turns out to be a good idea.

Stay Tuned!

How to look suspicious – lesson 1

This guys looked like a character from Tin Tin. It was so weird that I had to have a picture of him. He had something that looked like fake moustaches… unfortunately we can’t see them in the pic. So funny.

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Silence of Florence


Silence of FlorenceSilence of FlorenceSilence of FlorenceSilence of FlorenceSilence of FlorenceSilence of FlorenceSilence of FlorenceSilence of FlorenceSilence of FlorenceSilence of Florence
Florence – December 24th 2011. Everybody is preparing the big dinner for Christmas Eve. The city is almost left alone in a dark, cold night. Light and shadow were playing in silence. I’ve lived in Florence for more than twenty years and every time I go back for a visit, this magical city mesmerize me with her vibrant beauty.

Leica M9 + Voigtlander  50mm f/1.5


Leica M9 + Voigtlander 50mm f/1.5

Scared kids in Central London 😉 As I often say: something completely unexpected could surprise you anytime!

-Iacopo Di Luigi –

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