Street photography at Convent Garden in London


Leica M9 + 35mm summicron – Covent Garden in London


Finally a really productive Saturday. Lots of people in Covent Garden, lots of little stories and interesting situation going on every single second. I went there with the idea of walking around the packed areas such as Trafalgar square, Leicester square, Piccadilly, etc… but I couldn’t leave Covent Garden… I felt so inspired after the first shot, that I had to stay there… walking in circle. I had great fun!  I have to admit that I missed at least two o three good shots due to my lack of promptness… and one of the reason is that this bloody digital cameras allow you to check the photo after you shoot…. guys, don’t do it!! You’ve got to avoid checking your photos every time because it’s true, you miss the good photos!! the “decisive moment” you’re looking for is changing and evolving after you shoot and something unexpected could happen. Stay focused, get better framing, be ready! Don’t play around with the camera after you take a picture… you could miss the killer shot! (I’m talking to myself on this one of course)

anyway… I hope you guys would enjoy this blog 🙂


-Iacopo Di Luigi –


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